Dermal Fillers

Deep lines and creases appear as we age, meaning skin begins to look tired and starts to sag. If you’re looking for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to fight the effects of premature aging, dermal fillers give instant results that are both natural and pleasing.

Using the latest technology, it’s possible to achieve dramatic improvements to your overall appearance by focusing specifically on just a few facial contours and lines.


Dermal fillers are a safe way to naturally enhance your looks, used by tens of millions of people worldwide.


Benefits to you

Dermal fillers instantly restore volume to those problem areas of your skin, with no recovery time required. As a result, your skin will look smoother and appear softer, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

Dermal filler treatments can be used on the following areas:


  • Wrinkles around the lips

  • Volume loss in the cheeks

  • Frown lines on the brow and forehead

  • Nose to mouth lines

  • Marionette lines from the mouth to the chin

  • Down-turned corners of the mouth

  • Lips that have become thin with age


How do they work

Dermal fillers are a range of Hyaluronic Acid based products which safely and effectively reduce lines, folds, wrinkles and contours. Using NASHA™ technology, dermal fillers are able to create volume and improve skin appearance by mirroring the effect of your body’s own hyaluronic acid.

The components are not toxic and do not affect facial expression or facial movement. Dermal Fillers are non-permanent giving you full control to subtly enhance your looks over time.

Dermal Filler products are designed to be used at different layers of the skin allowing your treatment expectations to be met. Results last for about seven months and can be seen instantly. The procedure is quick and downtime is minimal, so you can get on with living life your life to the full.

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